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  • Work Hard, Have fun, Make history - working at Amazon

    Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014 - keine Kommentare

    hier war einmal ein Blogeintrag.


    A few days ago I applied at Amazon as a shipping employee.

    Today is my job interview.

    I didn't apply for working there my whole life,
    just as transition to my dual education system.

    Because going to university will be expensive
    (not the university, but the rent for my flat)
    I think it is a good oppertunity to earn money for my college life.

    I'm sure that after working there a few months, that I will be very happy to have the highest school education in Germany, and never have to do such a work in my life again :)


    But what working at Amazon is like... Maybe I will know soon.

    Then I will report back to you!


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